Over the last several months, we’ve offered are outlook for commercial real estate in the areas our team is most active in throughout the Baltimore-Washington metro area. With highly populated and active areas like Canton and Southeast DC occupying this market, one might assume the majority of the best real estate opportunities reside in urban centers. While there’s no denying the bright futures of the highly populated cities in the mid-Atlantic region, we can’t help but list Frederick, MD as one of the most promising areas for commercial real estate in 2022.

Life in Frederick, MD

With suburban new towns like Columbia and Germantown boasting lofty populations, it’s easy for some to write off Frederick, MD as a stagnant older town when it comes to commercial real estate. However, a deeper dive into the data reveals that Frederick is continually growing at a rapid rate and is a hotbed for new real estate opportunities. Between 2010 and 2020 alone, the city witnessed a population growth of almost 20%. There are a variety of factors that have led many families and individuals to call Frederick their home:

  • Low cost of living. Frederick is situated just under 50 miles from both Baltimore and DC, making both cities relatively accessible to its citizens while offering a cost of living that neither city can compete with.
  • Diverse housing. When it comes to housing, there is something for everyone in Frederick. Whether you’re searching for a row home, historic home, or multi-family housing, you’re sure to find a variety of compelling choices in the area.
  • Compelling recreation opportunities. More than any city in the state, Frederick offers an excellent blend of urban, historic, and rural living. The city marks the perfect place for those who enjoy outdoors, entertainment, shopping, and dining out.

Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

With population growth that shows no sign of slowing down, we grade Frederick, MD as a very promising city for commercial real estate investing. As more and more people who work in Baltimore, DC, and Montgomery County move to Frederick, new opportunities will be appearing all the time. Most notably, we’ll be keeping a close watch for multi-family housing opportunities, office spaces, as well as entertainment and dining spaces.

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