Being situated in the heart of the mid-Atlantic area allows the Willowbrook Valuation team to maintain a firm grasp on the state of commercial real estate in the area. Over the course of this year, we’ve been offering our sentiments for several submarkets in the Baltimore and DC area, and we’re back at it again this month! We’ve covered the areas directly east and west of Baltimore City, and now we’re excited to be heading north to cover Towson, Maryland!

Life in Towson, MD

What used to be a relatively sleepy college town is now anything but. The Towson population has witnessed steady growth over the last decade to reach its current figure of just under 60,000. The rapid growth of the town can be attributed to many promising factors, including its tremendous public schools, thriving nightlife, and affordable housing.

Compared to the rest of Baltimore County, Towson also offers the most diverse housing selection. If you’re someone who prefers a more quiet suburban life, Towson has several distinct neighborhoods to choose from. The town also perfectly accommodates those who prefer urban high-rise apartment living.

The State of Commercial Real Estate in Towson, MD

When observing the growth of Towson over the last decade, we can’t ignore the recent boom in commercial multi-family housing. Avalon Towson and the Towson Promenade are two brand-new thriving apartment complexes right in the heart of the town that serves as the perfect place for students and young professionals to call home. To compensate for the rapid growth of the town, an uptick in shopping facilities has also started taking root. Look to the recently opened Towson Row to see the potential of mixed-use development in the area. Easy drivability and ever-improving free public transportation combined with the town’s current boom in development signify that Towson’s growth isn’t a brief trend. Instead, we expect the town to remain a hotbed for growth for many years to come.

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