In a real estate dispute, it can be extremely helpful to have an impartial professional evaluate your case and provide testimony using their expertise. Problems relating to real estate can often be complicated and confusing, so having an expert with years of experience simplifying these issues for others can be incredibly beneficial. It is important that these matters are fully understood when presenting a case in court, and that all necessary research has been conducted and reports have been written in order to best prepare for the case. A real estate expert witness can significantly increase your credibility, confidence, and success in court.

When Is a Real Estate Expert Witness Needed?

Whether you are dealing with an issue involving real estate or reviewing a contractual agreement between a buyer and seller, a real estate expert witness can detect any negligence that may have occurred, simplify the complexities of real estate, gather industry data to support a report for a case, appraise a property, evaluate claims, testify in court, and provide any needed trial preparation or litigation assistance in order to increase your credibility. The insights, knowledge, and experience of an expert can be an invaluable asset in any real estate dispute.

What Qualifications Does a Real Estate Expert Witness Have?

Expert witnesses must be qualified with the necessary experience, education, knowledge, skills, and training in order to provide a better understanding of a specialized field. For an expert in real estate, this means possessing a thorough understanding of a wide variety of concepts, such as property values, industry standards, estate planning, financial reporting, and property taxes. In order to provide litigation assistance, the expert must possess a deep understanding of both local and federal laws as they relate to real estate. It is particularly helpful for a real estate expert to have many years of experience providing real estate counseling, tax appeals, feasibility studies, rent analyses, reviews and appraisals for a wide variety of property types and clients.

Three key qualities to look for are:
· Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI);
· Previous experience in deposition or actual court testimony; and
· References from experienced litigators

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