Due to the spread of COVID-19, millions of employees across the country have transitioned to a fully remote work environment. While the sudden jump to working from home may be refreshing, it can result in burnout for some. After all, this is the longest most of us have ever had to work remotely. How can you avoid work-from-home burnout?

Embrace Your Routine

Working from home has given employees a lot more flexibility in their schedules. While flexibility can be nice, keeping an established routine in place can keep you in a working mindset. It can be tempting to work more hours in a day than you’d typically work in an office and a great way to prevent burnout from working too much is creating a firm routine and focusing on operating within its parameters.

Carve Out a Work From Home Space

Before the transition took place, establishing physical barriers between work and home was automatic. Now, employees have the option to get right out of bed and start working immediately. Alternatively, some may even have the option to work without getting out of bed. This might seem harmless, but it can be a very slippery slope. Physical barriers are key for getting us into our “work mindset” and our “home mindset.” As such, you should make an effort to keep your working space separate from your relaxing space. After doing so, you may find that it’s much easier to both focus and decompress.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

When working from home, it sometimes feels like there is always more work you could be doing. After all, your desk is within walking range from you at all times. It can be hard to unplug but establishing appropriate work boundaries is critical to avoiding burnout. Throughout your time at home, make sure you are keeping your mind sharp with short recharging periods and exercise. Additionally, it may help to remember that if you typically work in a physical office, this is everyone’s first time working remotely for this long. There may be hiccups along the way, but we are all in this together!

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